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The EcoWater ERR 3500R20 is a cabinet style water refining system that combines the benefits of water conditioning and carbon filtration. This system is highly recommended for those on a municipal water supply.


  • Exclusive remote monitor with Hydrolink® communications technology provides a portable and convenient way to monitor the product performance and water usage.
  • Provides whole home carbon filtration without the inconvenience or expense of changing filters.
  • System regenerates only as needed.
  • Tank light illuminates salt tank.
  • Patented remote diagnostic system (EASE™) means your EcoWater dealer can diagnose the system from a remote location.
  • 68 hour power back up.
  • System automatically adjusts settings when used with Potassium Chloride or if iron is present in the water.
  • Features a 1" valve for plumbing up to 1-1/2".
  • 24-Volt Transformer - ENERGY Star® qualified.
  • Certified for the removal of Barium and Radium.

A water analysis from your local EcoWater dealer will help you assess what the best solution is for the quality and safety of your water supply.