ETF 2100AS SeriesCONTACT ME about the ETF 2100AS Series

The EcoWater ETF 2100AS Series* offers proven filtration for removing arsenic and other heavy metal ions. There are two products in this series, the 2100AS10 and the 2100AS12.

Not available for sale in California


  • Arsenic filter absorbs arsenic from raw water with a patented media, MetSorb™ HMRG.
  • Manual bypass capabilities.
  • Lengthens the life of water using appliances by helping keep them clean.
  • Provides great tasting and healthier water.
  • Resettable gallon counter helps determine when to change media.
  • Media will not let go of arsenic.
  • Media has been approved for disposal in a landfill.

A water analysis from your local EcoWater dealer will help you assess what the best solution is for the quality and safety of your water supply.